How app promotion works

Create an ad for your app
Decide how your ad should look, how much you want to pay and where you want it to be displayed.

Users see your ad
Your ad is displayed in other apps and you pay only when users click on your ad.

Your downloads grow
Get lots of new users as clicks on your ads turn into app downloads.

All the best app developers promote with Mobile Yield

Robust network
Reach new users across our network of over 100,000 apps and sites.

Free house ads
Cross-promote all your apps free of charge with Mobile Yield house ads

Measurable results
Track your downloads and accurately measure your advertising results.

Start driving downloads to your app today with Mobile Yield
Here's what you need:

- An app URL where users can download your app.
- Some ad text and an icon for your ad (or upload your own image banner).
- Payment information to add funds to your account.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free Mobile Yield account to start promoting your app.

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